• “I’m overseas. Do you ship to where I am?” You bet we do! We ship worldwide with FedEx. 
  • “How does the whole design process work if I’m overseas?” We can arrange for a Skype session, or alternatively, we can coordinate and communicate ideas via email. 
  • “How do I pay?” We accept card and cash payments, including international cards. There is a 2% surcharge for card payments. If you are overseas and prefer to pay via telegraphic transfer or Paypal, that works fine as well. 
  • “Can you issue a valuation certificate for insurance purposes?” We don’t, but we usually arrange for items to be valued by a reputable 3rd party valuer who is registered with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV). That way you know that it’s an objective valuation!

More questions? Email valerene@valerenebespokejewellery.com.au or call Val on 0451 933 378.